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Kevin Kolanowski, Founder of Fuse Lighting: Master of Materials and All Things Fixture | S25E12

We’re always excited to introduce our guests, but have to admit that today’s guest shines a light into corners we don’t always explore in detail. That’s right, in this episode of The Chaise Lounge we have none other than Kevin Kolanowski joining your host Nick May. Kevin is the founder of Fuse Lighting, a luxury lighting company that’s equal parts a solution to an under-served space – and an excuse to let loose with myriad materials and dynamic design. Their fixtures really are something.

Originally from Chicago but never feeling particularly traditional, Kevin initially made his way out to California in 1985 – thinking “the west coast was a little more avant-garde”. He talks about his time as an interior designer and his eventual transition to lighting manufacture, and then gives us a healthy education on the materials he uses in his fixtures. And, as always, Nick manages to mix in some fun potpourri questions.

Learn more about Kevin Kolanowski and Fuse Lighting at FuseLighting.com and follow @fuselighting on Instagram.

I think the answer is the same for every single designer. I think it’s travel. I think its nature ... you never know where it comes from ... it just comes from the air.

Fuse Lighting founder Kevin Kolanowski Tweet

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