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S24 E16 – Everything Interior Designers Need to Know NOW About Blogging, Pinning, Tagging, and Finding Your People: Kyla Herbes Tells All

Here’s the bottom line: It’s 2020 and if you’re not marketing your interior design business on multiple digital platforms, you’re missing out on the kind of name recognition and working relationships that come with getting your images and keywords in front of the people who can help your business grow. 

The good news, says Chicago-area-based social media and blogging expert Kyla Herbes (HER-bess), is that it’s not too late to start: “I’ve heard people saying the blog is dead—but the blog is still there…and still very important part of the machine.” In this episode of the Lounge, Kyla shares with host Nick May her secrets to effective digital influencing, pinning, algorithms, analytics, keyword enrichment, and the perils of overthinking it all.

So pour yourself a glass of Prosecco (to match Kyla’s bubbly personality), grab a pen and notebook and start writing the next chapter of your interior design business today. Remember to be patient: One Kyla’s most effective social media traffic-drivers remains a post she wrote in 2014 (a step-by-step guide to marbleizing coffee mugs with nailpolish), when her House of Hipsters blog was just a hobby she indulged in when she wasn’t managing her full-time advertising career, her mid-century modern home, and two kids under 5 years old (now 10 and 7). 

You’ll find it all in this inspiring episode of The Chaise Lounge. You can also catch up with Kyla at Esteem Media’s Design Influencers Conference, in San Francisco (March 1-3), where she will be spilling all her proven social media secrets—Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok.   

Learn more about blogging and social media expert Kyla Herbes at House of Hipsters and on Instagram at @houseofhipstersblog.

Technology took hold as soon as the smart phone came out and our whole world flipped on end to a digital, fast-paced, immediate world.

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Design Influencers Conference | Mar. 1-3, 2020

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Wrap Up

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