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S24 E7 – Being More Than A Designer With Cochineal Design Founder Sarah Mendel

Welcome! Today in The Lounge, Nick meets the founder of Cochineal Design, Sarah Mendel, who, in just 5 short years since graduating from Parsons School of Design, has made a name for herself in the New York interior design community as a fresh and exciting designer to watch.

Having W Hotels as a client has opened quite a few doors for Sarah, and in this episode she retells how “getting out there” and meeting people is key to developing a portfolio of clients, especially in the hospitality industry. She also has great advice for students looking to get the most out of internships, and she discusses the importance of being more than just a designer in a world where being savvy in business and a hard-working self-starter can be the difference for any prospective employee looking to stand out and get hired.

Sarah’s design house, Cochineal Design is a very open and creative space where ideas are always welcome – an interior design firm focused on simplicity, driven by something intangible – a vision – Cochineal strives for streamlined and effortless outcomes. Sarah believes living among fine design is not only possible, but comfortable.

Her studio is literally half a block away from Porcelanosa, where Nick held this interview (in a broom closet!) Learn more about Sarah and Cochineal Design at her website, www.cochineal.com or on her Instagram page.

Surely not all inspiration comes from little boxes. Look up. Look out. Switch off.

Chaise Lounge Updates

Our new podcast Coast to Coast Design is live! Give it a listen to learn about just how many ways there are to run a design business.

Look forward to guest hosts Stacy Garcia, Toma Clark Haines, Rachel Moriarty and Chade James mixed in with classic Nick May episodes.



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Wrap Up

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