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Welcome! Today in The Lounge, Nick sits down with celebrated California designer Raili Clasen. Raili has a very interesting and unique background and a great story. She is self-trained but she has become a highly sought-after designer in her native Orange County. 

Raili got her start in design late on. She originally trained to be a newscaster, and then she had a stint as a flight attendant before getting into the surf industry. The famed designer Mossimo was a family friend and he encouraged Raili to pursue a marketing role in the surf industry, which led to her launching the Roxy line for Quicksilver.

After the Roxy line blew up, Raili left to start a successful houseware company, Alice Supply, before “literally falling into” interior design. The designer she hired for her house got married and left for Europe mid-project, leaving Raili stranded, but she was determined to finish the project on her own.

From there, Raili’s design career unexpectedly took off. Her home was featured in magazines and was part of an Orange County charity home tour. After printing 200 business cards and leaving them out, she got her first paying clients and hasn’t looked back. These days Raili has more business opportunities than she can handle and is committed to streamlining her business in order to continue providing the same level of care, professionalism and passion with every project she takes on. 

Learn more about Raili at her website, www.railicadesign.com or visit her Instagram page, @raili_ca_design.

I want better projects; less of them. When you have a lot of little projects it just spins you.

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