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Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Jaime Blomquist of Jaime Blomquist Interiors. Based in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Blomquist’s business has seen both highs and lows. She talks to Nick about how she got her start and how she overcame the hard times.

Learning Curve

Unaware of a career in interior design, Blomquist first went to college for business management and went on to book acting and modeling jobs. When she moved into a shared apartment for one of her entertainment gigs, she had the urge to decorate the white walls like her mom would. “I was influenced always by my mom; she always had a beautiful home,” says Blomquist. Her interest successfully peaked, Blomquist went back to school to study interior design. She finished her degree in just three years and started her own firm during her final semester. Blomquist was first hired for a 7,000 sq. ft. nightclub, then to design custom homes on a private island. The jobs continued to snowball and Blomquist was on the up and up.

Leading A Family

When running her business, Blomquist followed in her parents’ footsteps. They also built a business from the ground up. So, when her business was affected by the repercussions of the recession, Blomquist took cues from how her parents treated their employees. She kept all her staff throughout the depression, which forced her to make many personal sacrifices. “I lost everything,” says Blomquist. “I got down to $800 in my bank account and lost my home.” Leading her employees through the hard times was more like leading a family. Blomquist and her business came out on the other side. Now, they design for high-end residential projects, trying to keep up with the fast-paced development in Fort Lauderdale.

What It Takes

After years of building her business, Blomquist knows what it takes to sustain her success. “You’re not paying for my hourly. You’re paying for the last fifteen years of my experience,” says Blomquist. The same passion and professionalism can be found in brands like Polywood and Moore & Giles. You check out their unique designs and products online.

Learn more about Jaime Blomquist’s work at jaimeblomquist.com and on Instagram @jaimeblomquistinteriors.

“I found my passion and there was nothing else distracting me.”

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