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Today in The Lounge, Nick speaks to Laurence Carr of Laurence Carr Design. Though her current location is New York City, Carr has traveled all over the world. She finds inspiration in everything from music to nature, from art to food, and she’s not afraid to bring her worldly influence to interior design. “I cannot think local; Everything I do and every concept I approach is global and with a global view,” she says. 

Around The World

Carr started dancing at age five and continued it into her adult life. She danced in companies that took her all over the world, including to New York City. Eventually, she chose to leave the performing arts. She studied journalism at the University of Paris, but was soon ready for another change. Carr went to Australia and worked for the Sydney Olympic Games doing project management and marketing. Packing her bags yet again, she went to Seoul and worked marketing and communication jobs. Still not sure exactly what she wanted to do, she moved to Chicago and focused on her family for a few years. It wasn’t until she moved back to New York that interior design became the clear choice.

Choreographing A Room

During her years as a dancer, Carr was always inspired by the costumes, aesthetics and concepts of the art. For her, interior design clearly parallels performing arts. She realized that designing a room is no different from choreographing for a black box theater. The skills she had collected from her previous jobs, combined with her travel experience, was the perfect combination for design. Carr went back to school for a degree in interior design at Parsons and went on to work for the renowned firm, MAC II. But, she decided to wanted to do something different in design, and launched her own firm 2018.

Designing for Wellness

Carr’s holistic philosophy makes her design stand out from others’. It’s all about designing for the wellbeing of her clients and combining ancient practices with smart technology. Carr is passionate about new technology and knows that the best way to stay relevant is to be present online. Laurence Carr Design is both a traditional client service and an online business for e-design. This opens up the firm as a global business, which aligns with Carr’s worldly experience. Though she stays busy with design projects, Carr continues to travel, attending design events in Milan, London, and cities all over the world. 

How To Stay Relevant

In a growing and competitive market, it can be challenging to stay relevant. Laurence Carr keeps up by growing and maintaining her online presence. Another way to keep your business relevant is by using unique and contemporary products from brands like Moore & Giles and POLYWOOD.

Learn more about Laurence Carr Design at laurencecarr.com and on social media @laurencecarrdesign.

“To me, it’s vital to keep exploring the world.”

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Wrap Up

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