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Today in The Lounge, Nick talks to Carol Kurth of Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors. Kurth and her firm are based in Bedford, New York, just upstate of Manhattan where she grew up wandering museums for inspiration. Kurth is not your typical architect, marrying her passion for architecture with interior design, and maintaining a role in every single project that her firm works on.

Backdrop for Living

As a kid, Kurth was always drawing and designing. Her first projects consisted of renovating shoe boxes into dollhouses. She followed this passion to the The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture in Harlem, where she received her undergraduate and professional degree. While studying, Kurth completed various internships, jobs, and teaching positions, always keeping one foot in school and one foot in the professional world. She learned as much as she could from all areas of the industry and credits the school for shaping her into the person she is today.

Inspiration for Lifestyle

Kurth always knew she wanted to do residential work, but soon realized she wanted to do interior design as well. Her love for both the details and the bigger picture led her to interior work, custom furniture design, and the American Society of Interior Designers. Kurth’s dream is to expose everyone to the world of design. “It would be wonderful if having an architect or an interior designer is essential to your wellbeing, and if that makes your lifestyle complete,” she says.

In Bloom

Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors is a work family that all share the same passion for design. They offer site acquisition, interior design, and everything in between, completing projects for luxury homes, apartments, what Kurth calls “renovation transformations,” and even commercial work. They work on projects all over New York state, but are always happy to travel. Kurth works on every single project, wearing many hats to make it all come together. Her most recent focus has been the Carol Kurth furniture line, which has already been getting attention with the launch of their In Bloom Chair.

Business Lessons

Nick and Kurth talk about their favorite business tip: learning to say ‘no.’ Though there are numerous reasons to say ‘no,’ one of the most important is making sure you are able to say ‘yes’ to the right projects. Benjamin Moore is a great resource for all projects and can support your business’ best work. They’ll always have your back no matter what projects you choose to take on. 

Learn more about Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors on Instagram and at carolkurtharchitects.com. Learn about the Carol Kurth furniture line at carolkurth.com.

“It would be wonderful if having an architect or an interior designer is essential to your wellbeing, and if that makes your lifestyle complete.”

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