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Today, Nick is Lounging with hospitality designer Lisa Haude of Paradigm Design Group. Haude grew up drawing floor plans using any and all resources at hand, her trajectory from design child to successful business owner was a straight line, but she tells Nick all about her ups and downs on that path and how she sees her own business.

Just 10 days after Haude started her company, 9/11 halted the whole country, but she pulled through and, today, Paradigm has a portfolio of projects all over the place, including Hawaii, Iraq and Portland.

To see all of the Paradigm Design Group portfolio, visit Paradigm-Design.com and follow it on Instagram @paradigm_designgroup.

"Not everyone can fill this type of role - just like not everyone can be a manager. You have to learn how to work with various types of people and situations and adapt accordingly, mentor younger team members and provide open communication among all parties."

Lisa Haude on what firms' principals need to know Tweet

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2 comments on S22 E11 – Thoughtful Hospitality with Lisa Haude


    Great interview with Lisa and insights into the hospitality design industry.
    Always good, thanks Nick, Andy Pennington – Porcelanosa

  2. I have followed Lisa from her first days going on her own. She has continued to explore new boundaries and push the envelope on new and exciting design. Her growth and fame in this industry does not surprise in the least after watching her work.

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