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S22 E5 – How Professionals Digest Architecture with Executive Director of Digital for Architectural Digest Keith Pollock

Happy Friday and welcome to the Chaise Lounge. Today, Nick talks to Architectural Digest’s executive director of digital, Keith Pollock. Pollock espouses the virtues of living in Chicago as a young adult and details how he sees the best way for companies to interact over social media in 2019. Lastly, he explains everything about Architectural Digest’s new service AD Pro.

A Passion from the Start

Keith has had a love for magazines since his younger days in New Jersey, reading Wallpaper Magazine, a magazine based out of London. During his years in high school, he dedicated a lot of time in extracurricular programs for art. He attended Chicago Art Institute with a focus in fine arts, yet his interest changed quickly to fashion and design. Keith loved the design of the patterns found in textiles. At this time the Chicago fashion community was not very prominent and so Keith entered into the interior design industry. He worked in furniture design, in framing, and at an interior design firm. While Keith’s interest was shifting, the ultimate goal was to work for a magazine.

The Making of the Digital Frontier for Architectural Digest

Keith was brought on two and a half years ago to help expand AD’s website and social platforms in order to broaden the brand’s digital presence and reach new audiences.

Along with Ad Editor in Chief, Amy Astley, Keith helped curate the perfect online platform for AD readers. Professionals can subscribe to AD Pro for design Industry resources and Clever’s platform offers “design advice for real life.” AD offers many different channels for their widely varying audience which ranges from successful designers in the trade to casual designers finding new ideas for their space.     

This weekend, May 19-21, Nick and Keith Pollock are both going to be attending the Luxury Home Design Summit and giving talks about their different areas of expertise.

And you can read up on Architectural Digest and subscribe to AD Pro at ArchitecturalDigest.com and follow it on Instagram @archdigest.

I think that’s kind of where my experience in working in print as well as digital has come into play is holding the editors responsible for pushing the quality of everything: the photography, the writing making sure that it has the integrity that we’re seeing in a print magazine.

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Wrap Up

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