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Welcome back from the wild world of High Point Market to the season finale of the Chaise Lounge. Today’s guest is a successful designer who didn’t start her company but built on it instead, Kate O’Hara of Martha O’Hara Interiors. O’Hara originally joined her mother Martha to fill in while an employee was taking time off for surgery. By the time she decided she wanted to make design her full-time career, she had been there doing a little bit of everything for months and months. Earlier this year, O’Hara took over as CEO and creative director. Nick asks her about how she came into the family business, all the marketing tricks she brings to the table and how their business relationship affects their personal relationship.

People Person

In 2006, when Kate O’Hara joined Martha O’Hara Interiors, she was an elementary teacher with a rough plan in mind to get into administration and maybe become a district superintendent someday. But she started to fill in at the design business and got to continue to work with people while also constantly developing new skills and trying new things while supporting and learning from her very own mom.

To see the work the O’Hara’s do, visit OharaInteriors.com and the Instagram @oharainteriorsofficial.

Good design solves problems you didn’t even realize you had. It can make you enjoy doing those chores you dread, like laundry or dishes. It can raise your mood by offering more light, open space, coziness, or whatever you’re missing. For me, it’s when architecture, design, and styling come together to make me feel good.

Kate O'Hara

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The Chaise Lounge just returned from Spring High Point Market! Keep an eye out for all the coverage coming up.

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Wrap Up

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