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Welcome back to the Chaise Lounge. Today, Nick chats with artist and director of Sorelle Gallery Fine Art Miranda Girard about how her company works with collectors, designers and artists to build an inventory and pick perfect pieces from it for design projects and collections.

Sorelle Gallery

Girard started at Sorelle Gallery in an unpaid internship, learning the gallery ropes. She found out a way to stack her weekly schedule so she could work her paying job and work at the gallery with no days off. After some time, the woman who trained her decided it was time to move on, and Girard filled that position, working her way up to her position as director. Sorelle’s stated mission is to provide “approachable, top-notch, tailored service” in selling art and advising how art suits a space.

To see the kinds of art Sorelle Gallery carries and what services they provide all across the United States, visit SorelleGallery.com. As always you can follow Sorelle on Instagram @SorelleGallery. And you can go to MirandaGirard.com to see the director’s personal portfolio.

If you’re a designer who has something to share with the profession, make sure to check out all the ANDYZ Award categories and maybe submit a project. There’s early bird pricing for submissions before the end of March, and the final deadline is April 30.

I opened Sorelle Gallery; a tech-forward gallery committed to client service, fine art education, and collection diversity. Managed by a team of women that worked hard, but had fun working. A place where artists learn and build their own business through our gallery exposure and marketing.

Sandra Pelletier (Principal of Sorelle Gallery)

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Wrap Up

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