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Today, Nick is joined by Teddie and Courtney Garrigan, the mother-daughter duo behind Coco & Dash in Dallas, Texas, an ARTS Award-winning home decor shop with an interior decorating arm.

Where does Coco & Dash come from?

When Teddie Garrigan was an advisor in local Dallas politics, she began running a store on the side, learning the ins and outs of retail. Her daughter Courtney started a children’s art school as a way to keep busy while taking care of her kids. When she opened a brick and mortar center for the school, she designed the interior herself. After 2008’s economic downturn, the school closed, but Courtney took work designing and organizing spaces in people’s homes.

The Garrigans eventually joined forces to establish Coco & Dash, combining their skill sets to succeed in the decor retail industry.

The Garrigan Aesthetic

Teddie grew up part of a military family, so she was a fifth-generation Texan who grew up all over Europe. This translates into the Coco & Dash style mixing their family’s unique aesthetic, mixing Southern hospitality and continental elegance to provide products that people are proud to have in their spaces and comfortable enough to put their feet on.

Visit Coco & Dash online at the website www.cocoanddash.com/ and on Instagram @Cocoanddash to see their ever-changing inventory and style inspirations.

Datacolor ColorReader

Also on this episode, Nick talks to Kiley Hill, colorist for SanMar, a company that distributes promotional goods, from clothing to coolers, businesses can print logos on. In her world, consistency of color is important. Whether an item is brand new or five years old, all pieces need to match, so Hill uses the ColorReader to check and double check hues and ensure consistent dyes across all products of the same color. Nick and Kiley discuss what the ColorReader can do and how useful it is in textiles, painting and design.

Check out Datacolor and the ColorReader at www.datacolor.com/.

Coco & Dash was born of a love of classic design enhanced by a bit of theater. It is light and airy with a sense of drama via exotic touches.

Chaise Lounge Updates

Stay on the look out in 2019 for season 21 of the Chaise Lounge in a new format!

And watch for the release of Coast to Coast Design, a brand new podcast hosted by Catherine Hersacher and Garrison Hullinger.

Wrap Up

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