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Welcome back! Today in The Lounge we’ve got another special episode recorded from High Point Market at Universal Furniture: The Breakfast Show! A live talk on everything design from television and Mercanteinfiera to advice for students! On this show, Nick and co-host Trish Semmoum, host of The Student Lounge, got together with designers Michel Boyd, Robin BaronToma Clark Haines, as well as Cynthia Ferguson and Billy Ceglia to find out what new and exciting happenings they’ve got going on at Market.

Michel Boyd, Atlanta designer and Buying it Blind television star, starts the conversation off with what it’s like to be a style spotter at High Point Market and then dives into his experiences as a television personality on Bravo. On the new show, a team of experts help couples to buy homes, then with “Michel magic,” they completely redesign the space. Beyond television, Michel is excited to get inspired, refueled, and share the love of interior design at HPMKT! Be sure to watch Michel on Bravo at 8/7c, November 2nd.

If you don’t know what Toma Clarke Haines is up to, she has an entire Diva team of 31 in 15 countries and three continents – only expanding! She and her team offer tours, trading, and more. The “Antiques Diva” launched a new line at High Point, The Antiques Diva Collection by Aidan Gray, a furniture collection. Mixing modern and neoclassical elements, she created a stunning and innovative line by combining contemporary materials with traditional styles. Another designer who went to Mercanteinfiera, the largest antiques fair in Italy with over 1000 vendors, Robin Baron, joined in on the conversation. The New York City designer launched a new collection of home furnishings at the Market, which you can learn more about on her site.

Cynthia Ferguson, from Toronto, Ontario, and Billy Ceglia, from Newtown Connecticut, talk about the process behind revitalizing the Alden Parkes showroom at High Point Market. The concept of a show house within a showroom, has never before been done at Market until now! From meeting reps, vendors, and celebrating launches, High Point Market is a phenomenal experience for designers! Stay tuned with The Chaise Lounge for extensive coverage from High Point, including more of the Breakfast Show, interviews, and panel discussions including Passion Sucks! It’s All About the Money.

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