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Today in the Lounge, Nick chats with Wendy Glaister of Wendy Glaister Interiors from the Bay Area, to talk about how she came to be the head of her firm after deciding not to go down the path of being an attorney. Learn about her tactics for marketing in the digital age and how she stays centered as a designer with a plate that’s always full.

Get to Know Glaister

With parents as jewelry designers and flipping through the pages of Architectural Digest growing up, it was only natural for Wendy to become an interior designer. Though she studied organizational communications, was heavily involved with debate and wanted to become an attorney. Although, anyone who knew anything about Wendy knew she needed to be a designer.

After working in San Francisco as a consultant specializing in sales performance improvement, she made her way into the design industry with a nudge from her grandmother. Once getting her foot in the door, she attended Modesto Junior College for an AS & AA in Interior Design to get the necessary credentials. Most noteworthy, there she met Brenda, a professor, who now works for her.

How to Have a Better Business

Wendy attributes much of her success to recognizing minute details. She is sure to respond to emails in 24 hours or less, hires to her weaknesses, and always picks up the phone – never allowing the voicemail to take over. Wendy finds it’s best to acknowledge her shortcomings and fill the holes to the best of her ability. With a genuine and compassionate publicist based out of NYC, a well cared for website, and ads on Houzz, she reaches her clients. Even word of mouth is an important marketing piece for Wendy.

Bringing Your A-Game, Always.

Resisting the imposter syndrome – feeling undeserving of being where you are and incapable of handling routine tasks – Wendy stays grounded and is always sure to keep her ego in check. She keeps herself in the right mindset by relentlessly asking questions. Furthermore, Wendy finishes all the tasks on her checklist as soon as possible. She says your work needs to be bigger than you.

To Come?

October 4th, Wendy and Debby Daley will be giving a talk at the Boston Design Center about turning challenges into opportunities.

Working on local high end residential and small jobs like kitchens or master baths, she’s looking for assignments in Carmel and Santa Cruz or anywhere along the coast.

Show up, stand in your shoes, and ask what needs to happen. If you never ask, you’ll never know.

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Wrap Up

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About the Author
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Lauren moved to Denver three years ago and is loving every bit. Though she came to Colorado to study communications, marketing, and journalism, she’s got a love for all things art, design and media related. Lauren’s gig at The Chaise Lounge includes writing, copy editing and creating social media content. When not in classes at the University of Denver or writing about the business of interior design, you can find her with a camera or paintbrush in her hand, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or on the ski slopes.

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  1. Katie says:

    This is literally me! (minus being a well-known designer lol) I went to school for legal studies because my family told me “design isn’t a real career”. Looking back i see how silly I was to let others dictate my choice, and will hopefully get my certificate soon. Wish I had someone like you to tell me otherwise 10 years ago, but its never too late to pursue your dream. Love the podcasts btw!

  2. Rachelle says:

    Thanks for your comment and for listening!

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