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Welcome! Today in the Lounge, Nick is joined with Peter Lang, the designer CPA and Michael Wood, from the heart of New York. Peter chats with Nick about his latest book and the importance of having an accountant to manage all your numbers as a designer. Nick and Michael talk about designing in New York and being an entrepreneur.

The Design CPA

Peter Lang has been working in accounting for 17 years, but after realizing his niche several years ago, decided to run with jobs specifically in the design world. He often sees designers trying to do it all on their own, but is a strong advocate for one designated person to crunch numbers. Using design manager, he can help to oversee everything that goes into a project from accounting to industry reports, and project management. His book, Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Interior Design Business, is available online.

A Bit about Michael Wood

From Alberta, Canada, Michael’s home consists of mountains, prairies, high elevation living, sunshine, and big skies. Michael has now been living in New York for 18 years, bringing life to thrift shop finds, scouring shops for a good bargain, and designing. Most importantly, he enjoys working on residential projects to connect with people and create homes.

Michael Wood Interiors

Running the company for just over ten years, Michael broke away from his partner three years ago. He has always found the design world fascinating, although, he spent many years meandering through the business world. After helping a friend redesign his New York loft 11 years ago, his career took off. His business experience has allowed him to have a firm different from others, as he works both as the designer and owner’s representative.

Bringing his visions to life and keeping consistent with what he finds to be a good fit, he’s seen his business grow. Michael always has about 8 – 10 projects going at once. He has a team of architects and designers, all aligning their ideas and contributing their best.

About the Author
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Lauren moved to Denver three years ago and is loving every bit. Though she came to Colorado to study communications, marketing, and journalism, she’s got a love for all things art, design and media related. Lauren’s gig at The Chaise Lounge includes writing, copy editing and creating social media content. When not in classes at the University of Denver or writing about the business of interior design, you can find her with a camera or paintbrush in her hand, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or on the ski slopes.

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