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Launch Your Online Interior Design Career

Launch Your Online Interior Design Career

By Brianna Rutledge | July 31, 2018

Have you ever thought about starting your own online interior design business? It’s a flexible career choice if you are a creator. Designers open online businesses for a variety of reasons: owners operate on their own hours, it’s more convenient for the client, and it requires no travel to showrooms or supply stores.

This is also a good opportunity for the client, since online design is more economical. Clients don’t have to worry about shelling out mass amounts of money for design, enabling the client to be actively involved in the selection process right from home – all while they’re more aware of how the money is spent. Online interior design businesses like Albie Knows, Decorist, Tobi FairleyDecorilla, and Stellar Interior Design are great examples of how successful this model can be. So let’s dive into the emerging world of online interior design!

What are the perks of online interior design?

In the online market you have more opportunities to be creative, and the imagination can run wild. Because online design projects are typically not full scale, there are less objectives and restrictions for the designer. Online designers don’t have to do paperwork such as contract documents, occupancy, design development, and so forth.

Most importantly, online interior design is cheaper than hiring out a full-service firm, especially for a home redecoration/renovation. It cuts out the project management aspect and leaves room for extended design. Online designers can have fun with renderings, while taking additional time to really develop presentation for clients.

How do I start an online interior design business?

With new applications and online web domains, you can practically start a business in a matter of days. The first step in starting an online business is finding a need and filling it. This means deciding if the market you’re entering needs your service. I suggest researching competitors and learning what problems exist in this area. Be advised that you may have to be licensed depending on your state laws. You will want to form a business entity in your state, including a license and permit. The next step is marketing yourself. Whether through headlines, affiliate links, social media accounts, or testimonials, generating online exposure is key.

Now that you’ve carried out the two hardest things, begin focusing on the design and usability of your site. Remember to keep it simple, but also attention grabbing. Graphics, fonts, video, and audio all enhance visits to your site. Think of your website as an online design portfolio. Is it easy to ready and interesting? If it is, now you can target your traffic.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing all allow users to increase the amount of views on their site with paid searches. It’s important in this technological time to “get social,” and not just in person. Twitter gives users short synopsis texts and links that can be viral in a matter of seconds. Social media  links can be quite tempting to viewers and increase website traffic. But remember not to overlook the power of email and word of mouth marketing.

It’s not work when you love what you do!

A successful online interior designer will not only be able to trim the fat from their business, but also free up so much more time and space for creativity – and that’s what really matters. With these tools, you can join the ranks of designers who have truly harnessed the flexibility of the digital era to make more money doing what they love!

About the Author
Brianna Rutledge is a recent graduate from the Interior Design online interior design program at Central Michigan University. She is planning to continue her design education, and is eager to dive into the interior design industry. When not letting her creativity out through interior design, you can find her finishing a DIY project. As a new intern for The Chaise Lounge, she is very enthusiastic to be a part of the team!

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