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Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Eric Mauskopf of J Pocker Custom Frames. Learn about the history and legacy of the Pocker Brand, where the store is today and their upcoming plans for the future. Eric Mauskopf is the newest owner of J Pocker, which specializes in high-end custom framing and artwork in NYC. Eric purchased the store in 2017 from Robyn Pocker, whose family has been in the frame business since around 1926. They currently operate four stores: in New York, NY, Bronxville, NY, Greenwich, CT and Westport, CT.

Transitioning the Business

Prior to purchasing J Pocker, Eric was managing high-end real estate and condos in the NY area. After 20 years in the industry, Eric realized that he hit the ceiling and that he wasn’t happy doing it anymore. On his search for something new, Eric spent 2 years meeting with over 25 different businesses before he met Robin Pocker through a business broker. Once the two finally met they instantly clicked and a business relationship was formed. Robyn stayed on for about 4-5 months to teach Eric the business. Eric says that one of the biggest challenges has been getting to know the designers that have been loyal to J Pocker for many years. His focus is to help them realize they are still working with the same people as before and continue to maintain relationships while seeking out new business.

The Pocker Brand

Eric says he chose to buy J Pocker because their brand is synonymous with framing in the industry — he wouldn’t dream of changing the name. People across the country know and recognize J Pocker and also Robyn Pocker, who is still available to help and guide Eric.

The Store Today

Today J Pocker has nine sales designers across four stores and a total employee count of 28. The stores serve as design consultation centers and galleries. They also have a factory where the actual custom construction is manufactured. Most of their orders are custom frames, many of which are hand carved or gilded, and a typical custom-made product can take about four to six weeks to craft. J Pocker also does art and framing, and they are always looking for new artists to work with.  Recently, J Pocker collaborated with Bunny Williams on a curated collection of art prints. This collaboration was immensely successful and they would be interested in doing this again with Bunny or another Interior Designer.

Working with Designers

J Pocker is willing to work with any interior designer on any project they are working on. If you are not located in NYC or Connecticut, their designers will work with you over email. Often times, designers believe that J Pocker only sells high-end products. Although they do have high-end products, they also sell the same products that you would see in any other frame shop. Their employees are also designers and they are willing to work with you and help you at any budget.

To learn more www.jpocker.com or visit one of their four stores!

Chaise Lounge Updates

Join Nick May in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 28th for “From Pitch to Press: Everything You Need to Know” — an all-star panel of designers including Roxy Sowlaty, David Dalton, Jeanne Chung, and Lori Gilder will discuss how to get the right press for YOU. The event will be held at the PORCELANOSA Showroom, 8900 Beverly Blvd. Suite 101, West Hollywood, CA 90048.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the event is sponsored by Porcelanosa, Ving Vodka, and CALIFORNIA Home and Design magazine, and will be catered by Iron and Earth.

The winner of the #MakeMyChaise competition has been revealed! The winning look will be on display at the JLF booth at BDNY in November!


Upcoming Markets

Las Vegas Market July 29 – Aug 2

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Wrap Up

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