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Janna Paulson

Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Janna Paulson of Peel Paulson Design Studio. Learn about her life as a multi-family housing designer, the design process, key business development strategies and what’s next for the future. Also, on the Episode is Gail Doby of Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting to talk about the 2018 Genius Exchange this July. But first, we’re kicking the episode off with Nick’s surprise phone call to the winner of #MakeMyChaise! It’s an incredible design that we can’t wait to share with you and all of BDNY.

Early Beginnings

Janna was first exposed to interior design while in high school in Austin, TX. Her father started developing apartments and condos in the area. Once in college at ASU, he would often put her to work when she would come visit him, and Janna discovered that she loved furniture, textiles and the entire design experience. After graduating college with a degree in Interior Design, she moved back to Austin and began working at a local architecture firm. When she first started working, the field of interior design was progressing. Now 30 yrs later, she finds that interior designers are becoming more renowned and recognized in the industry.

The Firm Today

Peel Paulson Design Studio specializes in multi-family design with clients in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. She employs a staff of six interior designers as well as a procurement person, a receptionist, and two interns. Her firm is brought on at the beginning of a construction project with her design team responsible for everything from initial space planning to furniture selection and installation. She finds that working in multi-family design is very similar to the hospitality design experience. The end result is all about drama and experience but is also timeless. A typical design must be able to last about 10 years before the next major renovation, and she and her team are constantly looking for the next great thing.

Current Design Trends

Today, living spaces are getting smaller while owners devote more square footage to the amenity and common areas. The goal remains to create a unique and striking but timeless interior for an elevated living experience. Vinyl plank tends to be very popular, as it is affordable and durable but gives the warmth and experience of real wood. Granite and quartz are popular countertop material — and recently, the cost of granite has decreased, making it an affordable choice. Much of her hours are spent on furniture selection. She says that this is where the brand’s personality can shine through and is typically tailored to the tenant’s lifestyle preferences.

Business Development

Coming from a development family, Janna originally entered into this sector because of her father. She now defines herself as a professional shopper, traveling around the world for unique sources of furniture to make her projects unique. Traveling abroad helps to keep her on the forefront of up and coming design trends, most recently attending Light Build in Frankfurt, Germany. Competing for project awards also helps attract clients. She was recently awarded Best Multifamily Housing in Austin for Lenox Boardwalk.  Developers have since sought her out directly due to her award-winning work on this project. Now in business for 29 years, she feels established but still prefers to maintain a visual presence in the marketplace. Next up, Janna says that she would like to work on the public element of the design experience and enter into hotel design.

To learn more about Janna and Peel Paulson Design Studio visit their website or blog!

Chaise Lounge Updates

For more information about the 2018 Genius Exchange with Gail Doby link here.

The winner of the#MakeMyChaise Design Competition is Aysegul Conboy!!!


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Wrap Up

If you would like to hear more episodes, please visit us on iTunes or on our website at TheChaiseLoungePodcast.com. Lastly, find The Chaise Lounge on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or post a review on iTunes, you may even hear your review read live on our next podcast. With that said keep dreaming big, and keep designing a great design business. See ya!

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