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Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles, designed by Amy Jakubowski and Wilson Associates

Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles, by Amy Jakubowski and Wilson Associates. Click on the image for more info!

Amy Jakubowski: International Design

Today in the Lounge Nick speaks with Amy Jakubowski live from BD West in LA. Amy talks about how she she got started in interior design at young age, what she does working for Wilson Associates, and some qualities she looks for in interns.

Getting to Know Amy

On Amy’s coffee table you would find two candles, a book on 1950’s California design, and plant that’s still alive. She loves to travel for work and also takes trips with her friends — this year it’s a jaunt in Croatia. One of her projects has even taken her to Minsk, and she loves going back to Paris. Beer, wine, or cocktail? She loves rosés in the afternoon and reds at night, but if it isn’t a nightcap, she prefers a cocktail.

Click on the image to see the complete portfolio of the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles!

How Amy got into Interior Design

Amy’s passion for interior design grew when she was thirteen and drew inspiration from her neighbors, which led her to the classroom on Saturdays for FIT classes and an eventual bachelor’s degree. She worked in the industry part-time while in school and full-time when on breaks, and even had a job offer waiting for her when she graduated. Her first ten years were spent in the garment district, and from there she went to a firm that designed hotels before transitioning from boutique and retail to hospitality.

The Business Today

Amy is currently the Manager and Design Director for Wilson Associates in the LA office, where she manages the ten offices worldwide and a total of 70 projects — from Morocco and Minsk to Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. She says that it’s important to get to know the market you’re in because every place is unique and different, and you have be able to adapt to different cultures.

Click on the image to see the complete portfolio of the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles!

What Amy looks for in Interns

When hiring interns at Wilson Associates, Amy looks for an energetic go-getter with computer graphic skills like InDesign, Photoshop and CAD along with a passion for design. Amy also looks to make sure that a student has already done an internship when in the hiring process. She also has a few tips for resumes: a professional resume should include some sample projects but it is important to be concise and personable. Also, be sure to write the point of your objective in your resume. With digital portfolios also keep it simple: balance out your portfolio with technical skills and hand sketches, because it is important for her to see your process. And when you do find an internship (maybe even one with The Chaise Lounge!) be sure to find a mentor and ask a lot of questions! That’s how you learn and get to know what different areas in design are out there.

Visit Wilson Associates to learn more about Amy and Wilson Associates.

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Wrap Up

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