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High Point Spring Market 2018: Thom Filicia

Today in The Lounge, Nick continues his journey at High Point Market. We start off with with a snapshot of The Nick May Morning Show co-hosted Joseph Haecker of Dezign Wall. Guest appearances include Dorothy Willetts of Willets Design, Bobbi Jo Engelby of Domain Interiors, Michelle Wiebe of Studio M and Zandy Gammons & Liles Dunnigan of The Warehouse 1924. Join in through the live video on our Facebook Page! Then join Nick and designer/TV personality Thom Filicia of Thom Filicia Inc live from the showroom floor at Listen to Thom answer fan questions while discussing his early days as a designer, his experience on Queer Eye, and his upcoming new projects.

Early Beginnings

Thom Filicia grew up in Syracuse, NY, and realized that he wanted to be a designer in the 5th grade when he drew an elaborate McMansion on his elementary school desk — even though he got in trouble. Later, Thom entered into an advanced art program at school and went on to study art and design, ultimately earning a degree in Interior Design. In 1998 he opened his own business.

The Business

Now, Thom Filicia manages three different business empires: Thom Filicia Inc, a traditional brick and mortar interior design firm focusing on commercial projects, hotels and restaurants; Sedgwick and Brattle, a showroom and experience center in NYC; and Tom Filicia Entertainment, which focuses on books and television. Originally Thom thought he opened his own business before he was really ready. In retrospect, he realizes that you are never really ready for anything that is monumental in your life, and becoming a business owner taught him how to acclimate to things intuitively. Sometimes, he says, you have to take on more than you are capable of to go to the next level, and he credits his internship experience as the springboard for his career.

The Show

Of course, Thom is best known for his appearances on the show Queer Eye — and the backstory is incredible. Believe it or not, Thom was actually discovered by a talent scout while they were both stuck in a broken elevator. Thom says he was able to bring a lighthearted humor during a difficult situation which helps to alleviate the hysterics of other passengers, and after they were rescued from the elevator, the two exchanged cards. A few months later, Thom was contacted by the scout for an upcoming project, and although Thom didn’t have television experience, the agent submitted his name anyway. The rest is history. Thom is excited that the show is back on the air and that the brand is still relevant to viewers today. Beyond the commercial appeal, he says that the Fab Five are like brothers to him. Today Thom is currently filming his new Bravo show, the Thom and Carson Project. The show will focus on the pair helping people who have some issue with the design on their home and is scheduled to air in mid-October.

For more information or to connect with Thom visit his website www.thomfilicia.com

Chaise Lounge Updates

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Wrap Up

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