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Industry: Personal Branding

Today in The Lounge Nick speaks with Phyllis Harbinger about an important topic, personal branding. As a bit of twist, Nick gets interviewed by Phyllis this week. She asks about how KBIS went for Nick and how doing the podcasts affects Nicks first business, Walls by Design. Both Phyllis and Nick give advice on how to figure out your own personal brand and finally, they discuss Nick’s wants in the near future for his podcasts.

How Does Nick Do It All?

During KBIS, Nick was in the midsts of starting his painting podcast, The Business Brush. He was able to work with Home Advisor and interview the guys from This Old House. As a result of Nick traveling a lot, he decided to start a Facebook Live show, every Wednesday called, Where in the World is Nick? Nick says that podcasting as a whole has elevated his name and brand in the industry. His painting business, Walls By Design, is so successful because of his great team paving the way for him to be away and trust they can handle the business. He still hires painters, deals with big picture stuff, and oversees the sales team but most other painting business owners still paint, do all the estimates, and answer the phones.

Building Your Own Personal Brand

When you are building your brand, you want to be successful and reach far. To do that it’s great to know what kind of support system you have in both your business and your life. As you think through where you want to go in your business, you need to know what you want it to look like and you have to be willing to do all the hard work to get it there. What you want may change as your business grows and develops, and that’s okay. Having a business is all about networking and getting people to know who you are, as well as what you can do for them. You can never get to do the big things until you start with the small things. You should also embrace the new technology out there.

In the near future, Nick hopes for opportunities for speaking engagements. He also wants to laser focus on speaking at markets. He hopes to continue to double the listeners and sponsors for his shows. One phrase that helps people understand the personal brand that is Nick May is “What do you want to be known for?” Your name stands for something so, think about what you want to be known for, or known as, and create your niche.

To learn more about Phyllis feel free to email her at info@harbingerdesignconsulting.com or check out her website and her book.


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Wrap Up

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