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Anna Kenoff – Morpholio Apps

Today in the Lounge Nick speaks with Anna Kenoff, co-founder of Morpholio, all the way from New York. Anna and Nick discuss how Morpholio began, how it launched four different apps and, the costs and benefits of using Morpholio professionally.

Getting to Know Anna

Anna grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. She stayed there until she went to architecture school in Virginia. That’s when she made her way up to New York and practiced architecture for ten years while also obtaining her masters from Colombia.

What is Morpholio?

In New York, Anna worked on a lot of medium-scale commercial projects. When the iPad came out, she had an idea. If she was going to have such a powerful device in her hands, she wanted to be able to utilize it to show off her work. That is when Anna and her three partners, friends from grad school, created Morpholio Design Portfolio App. Additionally, they designed a feature to able to draw on top of your work, which eventually became its own standalone app called, Morpholio Trace

They felt that because they had launched the perfect app for architects, they also wanted to create the perfect app for designers. Morpholio Board, started with the foundation of being digital mood board, which is an inspiration board for projects, but it now offers so much more to interior designers. The features for this app include a massive library of products; Ava (Automated Visual Assembly), which takes your board and lets you export spreadsheets which keep links, data, notes, and images; and augmented reality (AR) color capture, which takes the colors around you and finds samples for the colors using its RGB color number. You can even look up complementary colors for any color you choose. Lastly, Anna and her team have also created an app called, Morpholio Journal, which is a simple sketchbook. With the launch of AR, it created an opportunity for the design industry. Additional to her partners the small Morpholio team has four part-time staff.

Cost and Benefits of Morpholio

Right now, Morpholio is available for $11.99 a year or $3.99 a month. It comes with a free week trial and there is an option for an extended trial. The free trial doesn’t include all the features so purchasing the pro app would be to your benefit. Morpholio Trace is $20.00 a year. Morpholio Journal is $3.99 a year. Morpholio Portfolio is free. These apps are available for the iPhone but, the iPad is where you really get to see the app in its full capacity. You are able to send clients jpegs or files for the boards you create for them. Morpholio apps are unique because people in the industry created them so they know what tools you need to make your design work. They have also been working really closely with Apple. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, used images of Morpholio Trace in his annual keynote.

Branding for Morpholio

Morpholio branded their apps by reaching out to well-known vendors in design such as Knoll, Herman Miller, Kravet, and Porcelanosa. This gave vendors a new place to launch their products. They are also looking to branch out to work with big companies as well as up-and-coming designers and vendors, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Architects and designers are finding morpholio through their Instagram page and they reach out to clients at events ,such as ICFF and Porcelanosa lunch and learns, which is a way to earn credits for different licensing.

To learn more about Morpholio visit www.morpholioapps.com and follow them on Instagram at @morpholioboard. You can get notifications for the lunch and learns if you have the app downloaded. They do also send weekly emails to keep up everything Morpholio.


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Wrap Up

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