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XXIV International Architecture & Interior Design Exposition in Spain

In the world of porcelain, stone and ceramic wall & floor design, there are two key international exhibitions that take place every year – Cersaie in Bologna, Italy during the close of September and Cevisama in Valencia, Spain.

Earlier this year, The Chaise Lounge along with sponsor Porcelanosa visited the Spanish Group’s exhibition which ran concurrently with Cevisama.

The following shows recap some of the highlights of the tour with guests sharing their individual and collective experience from the trip, the inspiration for which was the Chaise Lounge’s social media competition #Let’sGoToSpain.

Jessie Clayton

Nick and Jessie Clayton get into the business discussions that permeated the trip, this for Jesse was invaluable and her favorite take away experience. Jesse took every advantage and opportunity to swap notes with her fellow designers from hiring more staff to branding. She also took advice from a previous episode of the show featuring companion traveler Kelli Ellis and changed her business name from Mod Barn Design to Jessie Clayton Designs.

Jessie won her spot on the trip as the outright winner of our #LetsGoToSpain social media contest. Leading up to the trip she discusses being slightly apprehensive because she’d not met any of her fellow travelers, but Jessie was primed to learn and ready to focus. She prepared for it as a business trip but was surprised how effortlessly the relationships developed in such a brief time. Jessie shares her compliments of the warm hospitality shown to the group by everyone she came in to contact with from Porcelanosa.

She describes the designs and products as trend forward and unique and her intent to introduce them to her projects. A note that will be a recurring theme is shared by Jessie – the overwhelming depth and breadth of the Porcelaonsa product assortment – not just tile!

Nick & Jessie also encourage listeners to visit their local Porcelanosa showroom, or get to know their representatives – and take every opportunity that could lead to joining a future trip with the company to Spain.

The City of Art and Sciences

Lina Goldberg

Lina Goldberg of HBG Design, formerly known as Hnedak Bobo and one of the top 10 leading companies in the hospitality design arena, called Nick from Memphis, Tennessee – the home of Elvis Presley. Her firm recently completed the 450 room Guest House at Graceland® Resort and is currently working on multiple construction projects. Nick wanted his listeners to get to know Lina, so they delve into her history and interests. She grew up in Indianapolis and her favorite vacation spot is Venice, Italy for its unique culture and history.

Lina was first interested in interior design when she was a kid flipping through her mom’s Architectural Digest magazines. When she was 10 years old, she said that she was going to be an architect when she grew up. Lina double majored in Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati, where she decided she wanted to focus on interiors. On the weekends, Nina likes to spend time with her three-year-old son.

HBG Design specializes in gaming resorts, hotels, restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, and event centers all over the country. In a company of over 100 employees with 20 designers, Lina is one of the lead Interior Designers. Lina’s favorite role is the early concept work of a project. The company doesn’t usually work on branded hotel properties and this affords Lina the freedom to make each assignment unique without the constraints of brand standards.

Before attending the Porcelanosa trip to Spain, Lina mainly knew Porcelanosa as a tile fabricator and supplier. Yet, while on the trip, she learned about the many different products that Porcelanosa creates. The exhibition experience that stood out the most to Lina was learning how tile is manufactured in the Porcelanosa factories and then seeing the products installed in the showroom. She immediately gravitated to the Zaha Hadid Vitae collection. Lina shares compliments on how each of the Porcelanosa companies design their showrooms with attention paid to even the smallest of details.

Lina’s favorite city on the trip was Valencia, marking out the Calatrava Pavilion as an inspiration. Nick and Lina both agreed that when they return to Spain, they would both choose to spend more time in this Mediterranean metropolis.

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Wrap Up

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