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ICFF and Coming to America

This is the third and final show coming from ICFF NYC. Nick chats with CEO Richard Munao of NAU Designs and designer Kenneth Cobonpue. As Nick walked through ICFF, these two booths stood out to him. Let’s find out why.

Meet Richard, Meet Nau

Nau (pronounced n-o-w) is a brand new collection, but Richard has been in the industry for around 30 years. He got his start as a cabinet maker. Richard has been to ICFF before, but only as an onlooker to observe to study how the show works. This year though was Nau’s international debut and their first foot into the U.S. Richard’s hopes to champion Australian design and bring his passion to the world. Nau makes tables, sofas, beds, and chairs out of walnut, oak, and ash, and are testing Australian timbers as well, to see how well they would work exported.

Right now the most difficult part of launching Nau is navigating the different distribution network in the United States compared to Australia, and working out who is who in this large country of 50 states. Richard is figuring out the best places to market and ICFF is definitely one of them. He worked with Australian designers and photographers to design their stand and photograph it to make it stand out.

Nau’s collection integrates an acoustic material to create a quieter environment and weaved screen-like walls which light can pass through.  Their aesthetic creates organic shapes opposed to rectilinear modernity; it’s created to be a visual piece within a room. Originally the products were planned to be for the workplace but wineries and jewelry stores have reached out to use them to create intimate spaces. They would also be great in a coffee shop or an airport.

Learn more at naudesign.com.au

Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue creates unique handmade furniture that is inspired by nature. He uses sustainable materials, organic fibers and recycled polyethylene for outdoor pieces. He creates indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, installations, and art. He’s been doing this professionally for 15 years but really, it all started when he was just a kid.

Kenneth grew up in the Philippines where his mother was a furniture designer from the back of their home. He grew up surrounded by craftsmen who taught him how to use the materials so he could build his own toys and bridges. Later, Kenneth left for Pratt in NYC to study industrial design and then returned to the Philippines to design his own collections, with the same people who made his mother’s furniture. His first piece is the yin and yang, a simple cubic chair, which he designed with an open weave for air to flow through littleview obstruction. He has developed this open weave aesthetic and now uses it in all of his products. Kenneth’s inspiration comes from nature; if you look through a tree you can see the light passing through its branches and leaves, just like in his frames.

ICFF is where Kenneth and his team meet clients, retailers, new designers, and the press. Also, it is where they introduce their new products into the American market.

Learn more at kennethcobonpue.com

Porcelanosa has started a new trend in hospitality: taking carpet out of rooms and people are LOVING it. Carpet is the culprit that traps and keeps odors so it’s a good idea to get rid of it. The only problem though is that when you walk on hard surfaces though, it creates lots of noise for your neighbors. So, Porcelanosa has created a sound underlay system that deadens noise and sound! Virgin Hotels in Chicago have been named the number one hotel in America by because of Porcelanosa’s floor system is in every room.

If you want to learn more about it visit porcelanosa.usa

The Las Vegas Market LIVE Chaise Lounge show is coming soon at a different showroom location each day of Market at 4 pm PT. Nick is meeting with his first ever Chaise Lounge guest Barrie Livingstone, TV star Dann Foley, good friend and Vegas resident Kelli Ellis, and modernism king Christopher Kennedy. Also, at Market, Nick will be interviewed by Lauren Paske and Linley Pasqualone to talk about the podcast and how it has affected his life and his business on Sunday, July 30 from 1-2pm at the North End of Pavillion One. You can still sign up for Vegas Market at the very last minute so meet Nick there! He’d love to meet you and hear about your interior design journey and business.

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  • Wrap Up

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