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High Point Spring Market 2017 Show #1

Today in The Lounge we have a special treat. Nick has just returned from High Point Spring Market where he conducted TWELVE separate interviews. Also, we’ve mixed it up a bit: instead of interviewing interior designers, in this series, Nick talks to different manufacturers, furniture designers, magazine editors and more, all of which he met and spoke with at the Market.

Meet Waynette Goodson and Exterior Design Magazine

Progressive Business Media is the parent company of Furniture Today, Home Accents Today, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Kids Today, Casual Living and lastly, Exterior Design – of which Nick and Waynette are going to talk about today. Waynette is Editor-in-Chief of both Casual Living and Exterior Design.

Newly launched magazine, Exterior Design, is the first outdoor design magazine of its kind and it will continue quarterly. Exterior Design aims to shine a light on the fact that ‘Outdoor’ is now in. Waynette tells us, “The outdoor category has arrived and now more than ever, outdoor manufacturers want to work directly for Designers.” Waynette and her team’s goal was to create a platform for designers to see what’s new in outdoor design in one concise place. Designers no longer have to go searching for outdoor furnishings, products and manufacturers dropped ‘here and there’ in other design magazines. While big designer names are important in the magazine she also is looking for this platform to serve as an engine for emerging designers to get published.

Waynette explains that the outdoor category is growing, it’s no longer just a seasonal business. Designing outdoors adds additional footage to a home and with new fire and heating components, it has also become more geographically diverse. The most interesting and unique part of it all is that the furnishing must stand up to all the elements. Nick and Waynette point out that these days you can’t even tell that pieces are weather-proof with how beautifully the materials have advanced and products are designed! Waynette also looks to showcase the celebration of color in outdoor design as exteriors are no longer confined to neutral, beige, or chocolate brown tones.

How do I get published in Exterior Design?

Since Exterior Design is so new Waynette is on the prowl for new content! But what is she looking for? Luckily Waynette breaks it down for us. She’s looking for creativity, new ideas, and your own point of view. She wants a geographic and global span of content. Waynette doesn’t want to put too many parameters on it though Exterior Design can morph and grow to its true potential. But if you do send in your work, high-resolution pictures open the door to design community- here is your chance to get published and show what you’re doing! So your photos should be large format and high “magazine-quality ready.”

Reach out to Waynette at wgoodson@casualliving.com.

Attach high-resolution pictures or send a Dropbox, introduce yourself, tell about your project, where it is, when you did it, the manufacturers you used, your fabric choices, your inspiration, and more. Don’t forget before and after pictures if you have them. Listen to the show to find out more about how to send in your work!

Meet Rick Janisheck of Handley Drive with Codarus

Rick is the Creative Director of Handley Drives- and designs the product – decorative accessories. The inspiration behind Handley Drive was a gap between import quality products and super high decor. Rick and Handley Drive aim to build a high-quality aspirational but attainable line where every piece is uniquely designed from top to bottom. Their product mix is always changing, it’s not aimed to be trendy but instead timeless, and not fashionable but instead stylish. Rick describes the product as “cleaned up classics,” they match the classical scale and proportion but their cleaned up and paired down designs to create a modern fresh look while still feeling warm and familiar.

Which are Rick’s favorite pieces in the line?

If he has to choose between favorites, Rick likes fun pieces with surprise elements. The Mansard Tall Cabinet, 8 feet in height appears like a dramatic chest with drawers lining it at first glance but when you actually open it, the bottom flips down to multifunctional desk and bar and the top opens up like cabinets for 40-inch tv screen.

The Put A Hex On You Cabinet is another favorite covered in a dyed smoke eucalyptus and inset with a hexagonal brass pattern. It also showcases over-scale polls and brass stiletto legs.

Handley Drive also makes small accessories like ceramics and artisan vases. Which you can access on their website here.

How does Handley Drive stand out as a new manufacturer?

It’s difficult but luckily Rick has been a furtniture person his whole life. He remembers from 3 years old drawing and designing houses, floor plans, and furniture. His advice is to always know what other people are doing so you don’t duplicate it. You always want to put out something new and fresh. He doesn’t subscribe to trend blogs but it is important to know what’s going on as long as you don’t let it overtake you. Be original and create a cohesive collection with a thought out idea.

Learn more at www.handleydrive.com.


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