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Jenny Madden: Up and Coming Interior Designer

Today in the Lounge, Nick talks to Jenny Madden of Jenny Madden Design, an up-and-coming luxury interior designer in the Greater New York City area, based in Hoboken, New Jersey. Whilst in a relaxed chat with Nick, Jenny gives us insight on her personal ties to interior design, life in the industry, starting up her design company, and future career goals.

Life in New Jersey

Jenny gives us a quick snapshot of the lifestyles prevalent in Hoboken, New Jersey. One can encounter clients who range from young, scene, quiet and traditional. The views of the Atlantic ocean and the Jersey Shore are definitely something to see, and public transit is the quickest way around the Greater New York City area.

Fun Facts about Jenny

  • The Jersey Shore is one of Jenny’s favorite places to go.
  • Prior to college Jenny got a really sweet Christmas gift for her future college, which was a sweatshirt.
  • You can find Jenny enjoying her favorite drink on special occasions, red wine.
  • Her favorite accessories are shoes, because “it pays to invest”.
  • Jenny would opt-out showing her laundry room on Instagram.
  • Her last purchase included a dining room chandelier.
  • Her current favorite business book is “Boss Life: surviving my own small business” by Paul Downe.

Growing up in Interior Design

As a young child Jenny always had a knack for functionalism in regards to spaces. She would rearrange furniture at home. Her and her mom would visit open houses and imagine the potential in design through mental space planning. Jenny finally made the dive into the world of design when she took a couple architecture courses in the early stages of her college career. With her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in hand, she worked for a architecture firm, a general contractor on site in NYC. Jenny then pursued her Masters in Interior Architecture, which led her to working for a furniture manufacturer and designing a friend’s apartment.

Jenny Madden Design

From the design of a friend’s apartment, Jenny Madden Design was born. Jenny Madden Design is a luxury interior design company. Started as a one woman show, Jenny has made the addition of a full time employee, Stefania. However, Jenny has had some help along the way with a few freelance employees. She has hit a learning curve through running her business and is trying out new techniques for success.

New Career Heights

Jenny only plans to go up from here, with the aspiration to have a “hand” in every project while possibly employing two more full time employees, a second designer, and project manager who can double as the bookkeeper. Jenny plans to have a more targeted clientele in the future, and to tackle projects that are more based in construction and on a larger scale.

Advice: One Owner to Another

Nick shares with Jenny that another way to ensure the success of a small business is to employee a person for a marketing position, and also that word of mouth is a great way to enlist new clients.

Learn more about Jenny Madden at http://jennymaddendesign.com

For more information visit: https://www.instagram.com/jennymaddendesign/


Wrap Up

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