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Taylor Spellman New York Interior Designer

Host of the new show Your, Mine, or Ours, Taylor Spellman

Today in the lounge I have an amazing interior designer and home stager, Taylor Spellman from New York, that has just launched a television show on Bravo called Yours, Mine, or Ours.

Get to know Taylor Spellman from New York (4:06)Taylor Spellman

Taylor is currently in SoHo. She loves a heavy-bodied red wine, her bedroom because sleep is scarce, and her family’s annual tradition of vacationing to Rhode Island.

How did Taylor get into interior design? (10:10)

Taylor has not had any formal training or education within the interior design field, but rather attended Fordham University for dance. She then moved to New York to continue dancing, but soon realized a disconnect between the lifestyles of the people around her – great jobs, nice restaurants, a tasteful wardrobe, but they go home to a nightmare apartment and drink wine out of plastic cups!

She turned this observation into a business that took off. She catered her interior design business to single men to start, but in time women and families showed interest. Taylor fondly remembers her first client, Sal, from nine years ago, who showed proof of concept for what some thought was a far-fetched idea.

What does Taylor’s business look like today? (14:30)

While the bachelor focus was a great launch-pad and competitive advantage, the business has been rebranded as Taylor Spellman New York. Taylor’s seven person firm focuses on high-end residential design as well as staging too.

Taylor saw staging as an opportunity due to lack of competition in the market, with just one other prominent company. Like interior design, the is a self-trained stager. She had the opportunity to stage one of Ryan Serhant’s listings,which had been on the market for years. After Taylor’s staging, there was a bidding war and now she works with Ryan regularly.

Being on TV (19:15)

Taylor’s show Yours, Mine, or Ours launched this week. It’s a 10 episode series that’s both funny and kind. In each episode Taylor and Reza Farahan (from Shahs of Sunset) meet with a couple who each have their own homes. Taylor resolves the design issues in their current homes, while Reza shows the couple two new homes. In the end, the couple must choose between these four options.


The Taylor Touch (25:16)

As Taylor’s company grows, she has had to be lessTaylor Spellman Interior hands on, which she mentioned is good, but challenging. She is learning to delegate and oversee. Taylor is still involved with initial meetings and consultations, but then hands projects off to her team for execution. She is able to keep things moving forward, and then provide some finishing touches – The Taylor Touch.

Taylor also mentioned that she is present on all home staging projects. Her goal is to maximize the price per square foot, not just provide a beige couch and a taupe rug. She wants to make everyone feel at home instantly.

How did Taylor learn to do this if she didn’t go to school? (32:00)

Taylor Spellman has always loved interior design. She decided to do what she thought was right for her and make it work. To some degree, it is innate and instinctual. In the beginning she received feedback about not having a portfolio, education, or ASID behind her name, but didn’t let that stop her.

As of Monday, Taylor got what she wanted. Her company is up and running. She is helping others turn their home into the sacred space they need. And her TV show is launching. She is sleeping better than ever, until the next challenge arises!

Business and beyond (37:02)

It has taken Taylor ten years to get to this point. She now feels comfortable taking interviews. She has her point of view on design. In order to get her business to this point, Taylor has had to put processes in place and make the company scalable. She is moving into the lifestyle market with flower arrangements and table scapes and hopes to be the next modern day Martha Stewart!

If you would like to connect with Taylor Spellman, please visit taylorspellman.com and check out Yours, Mine, or Ours Monday nights on Bravo at 10/9C

Wrap Up

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