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2016 Kips Bay Designer Show House

This year I had the opportunity to visit designers at the David Collins Studio - Kips BayKips Bay Decorator Show House in New York City.  The house features the work of 21 interior designers from around the world.  I believe it usually only features designers from across the country, but with the team at David Collins Studio, the show house has gone international.  Each room is designed by a different design firm and features a completely fresh perspective.

Each year, a committee of volunteers help to identify and decorate a home in Manhattan.  Then, a team of designers or design firms are selected to decorate each room in the home; where they must provide the floor covering, wall and window treatments, furniture, and sometimes moldings for the space.   The Kips Bay Show House is one of (if not the) most prestigious show houses in the country, which provides great exposure for the participating designers, as well as helps to provide significate funds for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls club in New York.


To learn more about this year’s show house be sure to listen in for upcoming podcast’s from the show house directly and visit the website at kipsbaydecoratorshowhouse.org.  If you can, we urge you to go see the most well known and prestigious show home in the country.  The house is open from May 12 to June 9th.


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