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The Power of Networking for Interior designers

Here I am still at ADAC in Atlanta checking out all the fantastic showrooms. I’ve been participating in the Design Bloggers Conference and one of the things that we talked about was networking: the power of networking. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve been able to network with at the conference and at ADAC.

Just being able to strike up a conversation, figure out what people do, and think about how I can help- asking myself “how can I come alongside you to help you build your business,” is key. I am constantly amazed at what doors open up when I do some networking and market myself. One of the things that I would suggest for you as a designer, is no matter where you are, get out of your comfort zone. Go meet new people, do some networking, and you never know what it could lead to. When you are at the design center, figure out who the folks that you need to meet are and how you might be able to help them grow their business. Networking is not all about being on LinkedIn and having followers and likes. The more that you do, the more you will connect with people and be able to help them with their business, the more successful you are going to be with your business as they can help you too! So get out there and do some networking. See you soon!


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