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Christopher Kennedy Interiors

One of my last interviews at the Design Bloggers Conference was with Christopher Kennedy.  When I started this interview with Christopher I knew nothing about him so today was a great way to learn all about this incredible designer.  Christopher once worked for Disney, had a stint as a stock broker, and eventually found his way into interior design.

After losing his father he moved to Palm Springs and followed his Dad’s advice of doing what you love so he started working for Steve Chase and Associates.  From there he opened his own doors at Christopher Kennedy Inc.   Christopher now sells his designs in several showrooms across the country from LA to New York.  He has recently published California Modern.  If you want to win a copy of this email me at me@nickmay.com with your address and say “I want California Modern by Christopher Kennedy” and the first email I receive will get Christopher’s book in the mail.

Christopher still charges an hourly fee on his design products but in his perfect world, he wishes that all designers David chaircharge price per-square-foot.   Along with his design, he has launched a 100% American made furniture line.  He said a statement that stood out with me of “What you focus on expands” these words are very obvious in his design and furniture.  Christopher believes that design is a huge part of the lives for the clients when he gets to enter their homes and gets to know them on a personal level and he wants everyone to know that you should always have positive thoughts and what you focus on will expand for you and your clients.

Every year Christopher host a designer show house called The Christopher Kennedy Compound.  Other cities have a designer show house, so why not Palm Springs!

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