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How To Set Up a Google Alert

So I’m here at ADAC in Atlanta Georgia, the design center in the city. There’s been a lot of talk about “marketing your design business” and useful exchanges of information. Setting up a Google Alert has been brought up. If you watch competitors or want to keep an eye on what are people saying about you or your company, this is a great tool. Maybe it’s a line that you are carrying, or maybe you want to do some research on yourself. All you have to do is search for Google Alert on Google and it’ll come right up. After entering your email address and the term or name that you want to track, you will begin to receive alerts. On a daily basis, you’ll get a notification for any content or associated entries on the internet with those words. This is a way for you to do research on your competition or what people are saying about you, if you want to keep track from a PR perspective.

I recently learned that The Chaise Lounge was mentioned in Interior Design Magazine as one of the top 5 interior design podcasts to listen to! I did not know about the feature until about 8 months later, but if I had set up a Google Alert, I would have known about it as soon as it was published. I was able to send an email thanking them and connected with the gal that wrote the piece.

So, there is a tip for you on how to track what is going on on the internet with you and your competition. Thanks, and we’ll talk to you again soon!


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