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getting paid for interior design

Phyllis Harbinger brings another amazing topic to discuss on today’s show. Probably one of the most important parts of your business that can also be considered taboo to talk about. She wants you to throw that idea out the window and get down to talking about fee structure and charging for your value. There is no right way to charge for your value but there are ideas and ways to figure out the best way for you to charge based on location, services, business success, etc. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and ask mentors or even other designers that do similar services what they charge.

At Design Concepts Interiors, Phyllis is more likely to charged based on the design services and creative processes rather than the product sales. She prefers having her clients pay the vendors directly. Normally her design fees are based on square footage as opposed to an hourly fee.


Liza, vice president of industry marketing, from Houzz is joining us to discuss the best way for you to marketing yourself using the Houzz tool. Houzz was founded by a husband and wife team as a tool that people could you from inspiration, it has since grown to a site that customers can use to find professionals, social media and to order products.

Once you are on Houzz you can explore areas such as idea books (which can be shared or kept private and used with just one client), blogs, inspiration, “Find A Pro” and many more. You can become the “Pro” by staying active, reviews, community involvement, etc. Houzz can be a great tool to start and grow your business.

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