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Elsy Studios


I have interviewed designers from all across the country, but today, I finally interviewed an interior designer from my own back yard of Denver, CO. Lynn Coit owns Elsy Studios and focuses on commercial design.  Lynn was trained as an architect, but has always had a love for interiors.  Her firm is growing, has a staff of ten, but will grow to over 20 within the next decade.  Lynn went to school in Mississippi, and while traveling to California, stopped in Colorado, and just never left.  Lynn and her team focus on projects in Colorado but have taken on a few clients across the country.  As a mom, she tries not to take on work that requires too much travel.

A few things that Lynn shared:

  • To get new clients, don’t shy away from small projects.  A lot of large clients started with small projects for her.
  • Network with your vendors and build a team.  She has received lots of referrals from her vendors to get her into some large commercial projects.
  • If you are an interior design student, get involved in organizations to build your network.




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