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habachy designs

Michael Habachy: Designs from GA


About Michael

Michael Habachy is an acclaimed interior and furniture designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. His Interior / Architecture design firm, Habachy Designs, Inc., creates atmospheric and luxurious interiors for a wide range of commercial and residential clients, ranging from fashionable restaurants and nightclubs to chic spas, boutiques and glamorous residences.  Michael’s aesthetic is timeless and modern, yet he gives each project its own unique signature style.  He has 20+ years of experience creating custom furnishings and high-end interiors, making him a master of his craft. The combination of extreme passion for design and the ability to develop excellent working relationships with clients are the foundations of success for Habachy Designs.  Habachy Designs’ interiors and custom furnishings have been published in a number of local, national and international publications. One of his standout projects made the cover of world renowned Trends Bath Magazine. Michael has appeared on TV design shows including HGTV’s Design Wars, and was nominated for Southeastern Designer of the Year 2012 by Veranda Magazine. Most recently, Habachy Designs won prestigious Gold and Silver design excellence awards from the American Society of Interior Designers. Michael’s work has also been featured in the Museum of Design Atlanta.

I’ve had the chance to talk to designers from coast to coast, but never from Atlanta, GA. With a great mix of a modern flair and southern charm, Michael has built a great interior design firm serving an impressive clientele.  Michael and his team handle everything from initial design to implementation, and residential to commercial, designing some hip and cool spaces.  They have had a lot of opportunities to work for clubs, bars, and restaurants, which has led into some interesting requests from homeowners.

salonMichael had an opportunity to be featured on a design show called Design Wars.  He did level with me about how things are built behind the scenes.  Not quite something he would do on a real project.  The interesting reality is that it did not get him any new clients.

We talked about the importance of being published, and what the value can be for a designer.  Michael shared how instrumental Pinterest and Houzz has been for their marketing efforts.

To get in touch with Michael , contact him through his website at Habachy Designs.

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