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 Laura Birns: Interior Design and Furniture Designer

birns design

A colorful artist, tuns to interior design.  Laura Birns started into interior design, by the back door, as a fine artist turned librarian…turned interior designer.  Yep. She first received a BFA in fine art spending her time brushes in hand, but after graduating, found herself working in a large commercial design firm in California.  When she was asked to help with one of the big clients:  Marriott, she went work .  She help them design a rug, and it just progressed from there.Laura Birns Design

Due to her art background, Laura has found some success designing and building custom furniture as well.  As a sculptor, she was very familiar with form and function.

Tzumba BenchIf you are not the typical designer, or have the “typical” background, Laura’s story of success will be encouraging for you.  She is a successful interior designer with a colorful flair.

To get in touch with Laura Birns, contact her through her website at LauraBirnsDesign.com

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