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Marketing: Building a website for under $500

There are a lot of designers that do not have websites because they think they need to spend a ton of money.  This just simply is not the case.  You definitely can spend a lot, but until you have the resources for a fully custom, $5000 website, I suggest you follow these steps for creating a website for under $500…or even less.

A WordPress Template

A WordPress Template

  1. Get a custom URL at GoDaddy.com
  2. Purchase your WordPress backend
  3. Find a WordPress template at Template Monster
  4. Hire VA Staffer to install, and launch your website. Tell J that I sent you, and he will give you two hours free to try their service.

Kia Weatherspoon: From Dancer, to Soldier, to Interior Designer

Deterimined by Design

Have you ever thought you had everything planned out just perfectly, and then came life?  Kia Weatherspoon had danced her whole life, and thought she would be able to continue to do so, until life happened.  Going into college, she thought joining the army would be a great way to pay for college, but still be able to dance.  Things did not quite line up that way, and Kia soon found herself in a foreign country, in the middle to nowhere, sleeping in a tent.  She decided to create her own space, and that was the start of something new, and beautiful.

After getting out of the military, Kia decided to go back to school, and get an interior design degree.  Today, she runs her own firm focusing on hospitality and multi-family clients in Washington DC.  Kia has an unusual story for getting involved in interior design, and she loves to share.  Kia is also on the national board of ASID, and talks about how that has helped her be successful.

To get in touch with Kia, contact her through her website at Determined by Design.

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