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Marketing: Building your sphere of influence

I meet a lot of designers that don’t know how to connect with their perfect client.  They know that they need to build word of mouth, but when you are new in business or new to a new city, you need to expand your network, but many don’t know how to do that.  Here are three ways to build your circle of influence with the right people.

  • Volunteer on an not-profit board or organization
  • Speak at events
  • Tap into your vendor network.

John MacKenzie: Xssentials Technology Advisor

Xssentials: A technologies services company, better know as home automation.     Xssentials home automationLots of options to make things simple with the use of electronics and automation.  Xssentials is a company that has offices in Asen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Denver, and Jackson, WY.   John MacKenzie is one of the technology advisers that meets with clients to explain what they can do, and help create solutions for homeowners and make them easy.

We talked about how the internet of things has impacted design community, and what could be to come.  From lighting, to appliances, to our vehicles will be able to tell us something is wrong, before it becomes a problem.

How does Xssentials work with designers:

  • Lighting- adjusting lighting automatically, with timers, or with an iPad.
  • Hiding technology like speakers and audio/video so as to not take away from the aesthetic design
  • Helping to design systems early to incorporate better functionality into design
  • Window shades

Xssentials has the Experience center in downtown Denver, where designers can see home automation in action.

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