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Today in the Lounge Nick sits down with international designer Jenny Provost. Jenny is the owner and Principal of, K2 Design. She has created an amazing design and architecture firm that specializes in taking projects from “dirt to drapes”. This, combined wither “Fearless Design” philosophy and creating anything that can be imagined has won her the reputation for fantastic design and execution around the world.

Jenny Provost and K2 Design

Jenny originally studied architecture but after seeing how few architects who could be considered wealthy. This lead her to looking at architecture not only as a profession but as an end. The mindset of design as a business was what lead to the creation of her firm K2 Design in 1992. She wished to create a design and business model that allowed her to work on them from beginning to end. She called this model “Dirt to Drapes”. Using this mindset Jenny was able to open not one but two locations in North America, on in Naples, Florida and the other in St. Gabriel, Quebec, Canada.

“Dirt to Drapes and Solving “Impossible” Problems

The “Dirt to Drapes” model of Jenny’s firm allows her to be apart of the design process from the landscaping all the way to the finishing touches. The firm provides a very comprehensive project to clients because they can look at as a whole, rather than in pieces. K2 Design is not only known for its comprehensive design style, they are also known for their problem-solving skills. They are often called into projects that Jenny describes as being “like putting lipstick on a pig”. The bring “impossible” projects back to life and use their problem-solving skills to “mold” problem projects into something that suits their client’s needs.

Designing Fearlessly

To Jenny, designing fearlessly means that when she faces roadblocks, she doesn’t allow them to get in her way, she removes them. She doesn’t allow things like what is typical, or what “can’t” be done, etc. hold her back, she instead challenges them and works to out unique ways to overcome them. If the design has never been done before, that’s not only accepted but welcomed. Another part of designing fearlessly is the ability to accept that sometimes ideas are not going to work out and that sometimes things really can’t be done. This does not mean that you shouldn’t try, it simply that you have to think of another solution that can allow your idea to see fruition.

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  1. Carla Aston says:

    Really enjoyed her passion and profound interest in the business even after many years. Great interview! A wonderfully inspiring listen.

  2. Nick May says:

    Sorry I missed seeing this Carla. Thanks for the compliment. Jenny was a delight.

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