Interview with rep Bryan Aboud from Miele

TMiele dishwasherhe first thing you need to know, is how to correctly say Miele.  It is like Tequila.  Bryan covers a large portion of the western United States for Miele.  We chatted about some of the new and interesting products coming out for Miele, as well as how their fancy dishwasher cleans glass with a mix of hard and soft water.

masterchefWe discussed in detail the new 6000 series, Masterchef ovens, and steam options for ovens.

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Well, Slew, we’re back at Decorative Materials.


Yes. We are.


How have you been?


I’ve been fantastic! How am I looking?


Oh, you look fantastic as always! We’ve got a great guest today.


I know. I’m thrilled.


So, do you know much about Miele?


I do.


Do you have one?


I don’t. But I will.


You can.


I can.


I want to have one now.


I know.


Now, that I know what I know.


I know.


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