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 Quick Facts

  • Went to school:  University of Montreal
  • Offices in: Naples, FL, Banita Springs, FL, and Saint-Gabriel, Quebec
  • Favorite adult beverage:  Pinot Noir
  • Buddy is a: English Springer Spaniel
  • What do you LOVE about design:  problem solving
  • When did you start your business: 1984
  • Staff: 13 in Florida, 5 in CanadaK2-Design-Russian-Article-1

Jenny Provost has built a great design and architecture business that specializes in taking projects “from dirt to drapes” as she puts it.  That combined with her “Fearless Design” philosophy and creating anything that can be imagined has won her reputation for fantastic design and execution around the world.  K2 Design typically works on about a dozen projects at any given time.

To get in touch with Jenny, contact her through her website at K2 Designs.

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2 comments on 09 – Jenny Provost: World Designer

  1. Carla Aston says:

    Really enjoyed her passion and profound interest in the business even after many years. Great interview! A wonderfully inspiring listen.

  2. Nick May says:

    Sorry I missed seeing this Carla. Thanks for the compliment. Jenny was a delight.

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