Devon Tilly, owner of Mountain View Windows and Doors

On this episode of The Chaise Lounge, we will be going out to Studio D to talk with Devon Tilly, owner of Mountain View windows and Doors.  As Devon puts it, they have like the Mercedes dealership for windows, doors, and hardware.

Marketing Tips: Marketing 101

So often we talk about marketing our business, but the truth is, a lot of designers don’t really know what marketing really is.  Today on the show I going toPfuner Designs website break it down simple.  Marketing is how we communicate our brand and our value proposition to our customer at ever different touch point: on the phone, on our website, on our business card, in an ad, and in every customer interaction.  Be bold.  Be brave.  Talk about how you are you, and how you are different.  There are tens of thousands of designers out there, and most likely at least several hundred within a 30 minute radius of where your customers live, WHY should they work with YOU?  Then you need to communicate that point of difference.

Interiview:  Devon Tilly, Mountain View Windows and Doors

TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND MVWD_Horizontal logo_color PMS274CDevon bought Mountain View after years of working in window sales for someone else.  He decided he wanted to build the elite place for builders and architects to come to pick out windows, doors, and hardware for their clients.  He has partnered with Andersen Windows, Fleetwood Weiland, and a host of other manufacturers to create one of the premier, hands-on showrooms for window and doors in the state.  But the products don’t stop there.  You would also be able to check out one of the best assortment of locks, knobs, and hardware for doors and cabinets.  Devon carries an assortment from Rocky Mountain Hardware, La Forge, Emtek, Delaney, and a joint venture with Breck Iron Works that we discuss in the show.

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  1. Devon Tilly says:

    Nick, thanks for having me on the show it was awsome! We launch The Art of Constrction our Podxast tomorrow and hope it is as great as the Chaise Lounge! You are knocking it out of the park. Designers are very lucky to have this as a resource!

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